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The main requirement for a Federal position is a resume which is quite different than a resume for a corporate job opening. The Federal Resume needs to be created in a specific format, and contains more information than a civilian resume (information not typically found on a civilian resume). It needs to include such things as key words required for the job that you are applying for, complete addresses of previous employers, supervisor names and contact phone numbers, and a detailed listing of all education and training.

Some Federal positions may also require the completion of a supplemental Occupational Questionnaire. An Occupational Questionnaire typically consists of multiple choice, yes/no, or similar types of questions that cover a variety of competencies related to the position. Occupational questionnaires are a fairly quick and inexpensive way to screen for minimum qualifications, as well as assess applicants to identify the best qualified.

In addition to the Federal resume, some Federal job announcements require additional narrative statements known as Knowledge, Skills, and Ability statements (KSAs), Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), Management Qualifications (MQs), Technical Qualifications (TQs), etc. If these narratives are requested, they are required in order for your application to be considered.

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