CIA Job Announcement: Protective Special Agent

Protective Special Agent

Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, DC, United States Full Time
Salary: $73,160 – $82,027

Open to
US Citizens Only

The Directorate of Support has multiple vacancies for motivated and talented officers interested in career opportunities in protective operations. Positions fall within the OS/Protective Operations Specialist career track. The successful candidate will primarily support various protective operations at the direction of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Extended foreign (45-60 or more days in duration) and/or domestic temporary duty assignments (TDYs) in support of scheduled, or nonscheduled, critical operations are to be expected.

Typical duties of the Protective Agent include deploying worldwide to perform sensitive operations in support of protective requirements. Protective Agents are consistently called upon to deploy and participate in training and operational assignments, and are expected to work long hours and deploy for periods from 45 to 60 days in length. The amount of yearly travel is extensive, and interested candidates should expect to deploy as scheduled.

Minimum requirements: Candidates must have a high school diploma or the equivalent, and be at least 21 years old, physically fit and possess a valid driver’s license. Extensive military, security, or law enforcement experience, preferably in a military special operations branch, protective operations, or as S.W.A.T officers, with a minimum of 7 years combined experience. A bachelor’s degree or higher is preferred. Applicant should possess excellent oral and written communication and analytical skills, have high levels of integrity, trustworthiness and loyalty to the United States.

Protective Agents are often directed to work overtime (OT), night shifts, holidays and weekends and to frequently travel overseas. Applicants will earn OT and premium pay benefits in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Applicants should be in good overall physical, mental and emotional condition, have a reputation as a team player and be willing to work long hours with ever-changing schedules.

Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to tactfully negotiate conflict and remain flexible is a must. Protective Agents must possess the ability to interact with all levels of Agency management, liaison with Department of Defense entities, and a multitude of other Federal agencies. Strong oral communication and representational skills at Candidates must be able to brief, defend, persuade, and instruct others on security requirements and policies. Demonstrated leadership, teamwork and organizational skills and the ability to write in a clear and precise manner are also required.

Desired Requirements include:

  • War Zone deployment experience
  • Strong knowledge base in all facets of protective operations.
  • Leadership and management experience.
  • Report writing experience.
  • Extensive medical experience (EMT, First Responder, 18D, Paramedic, Navy Corpsman)
  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc.).

Only the most qualified applicants will be interviewed.

All applicants must successfully complete a thorough medical and psychological exam, a polygraph interview and an extensive background investigation. US citizenship is required.

To be considered suitable for Agency employment, applicants must generally not have used illegal drugs within the last twelve months. The issue of illegal drug use prior to twelve months ago is carefully evaluated during the medical and security processing.

Important Notice: Friends, family, individuals, or organizations may be interested to learn that you are an applicant for or an employee of the CIA. Their interest, however, may not be benign or in your best interest. You cannot control whom they would tell. We therefore ask you to exercise discretion and good judgment in disclosing your interest in a position with the Agency. You will receive further guidance on this topic as you proceed through your CIA employment processing.

Send all resumes to

Working for the CIA


CIA employees and their families* may participate in a variety of federal benefits programs to include:

  • Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program; Fee for Service and HMO plans
  • Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)
  • Federal Employees Dental and Vision Program (FEDYIP)
  • Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP)
  • Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA)
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DC FSA)

Education and Training

Managers at the CIA encourage career-long learning and development. Employees are given opportunities for:

  • Technical and skill development
  • Leadership and management development
  • Language training and maintenance
  • Sponsorships for full-time and part-time external training at well-known universities and schools in programs that are relevant to an employee’s

Paid Time Off

The CIA offers a generous allotment of paid time off to include:

  • Annual leave, up to 26 days per year
  • Sick leave, up to 13 days per year for employee and family care
  • Home leave, up to 15 days for each year of overseas service
  • Federal holidays, 10 days per year
  • Excused absence for physical fitness, up to 3 hours per week

All rates are based on the employee’s work status and/or years of federal service.

Work-life Programs and Resources

The CIA recognizes the challenges of balancing work with life outside of work. Employees are offered a vast array

of programs and services to help. Some of the additional benefits our employees enjoy are:

  • Alternative work schedules
  • Special leave programs for personal or family medical emergencies
  • Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program
  • Physical fitness facilities
  • Childcare Subsidy Program for those who qualify
  • On-site day care facility (limited enrollment)
  • On-site retail services and leisure activities to include intramural sports programs
  • On-site banking services

Retirement and Thrift Savings Plan

Federal employees of the CIA have a multi-tiered retirement fund to include: a federal pension plan, Thrift Savings Plan and Social Security.

Employees are enrolled in the Federal Employees Retirement System, a defined benefit pension plan.Employees are additionally enrolled in a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), which is similar to a 40 I (k) plan. The CIA matches employee contributions on the first five percent (5%) of basic pay contributed each pay period. Employees may also supplement the above by enrolling in an IRS-qualified 401 (a), tax- deferred pension plan, available only to CIA employees.

Employees with prior federal government experience may qualify for a different retirement system based on the type, amount and period of prior federal service. Please consult with a Recruitment Officer for additional information, or visit

Agency Resource Groups

The CIA is a diverse workplace, and that diversity is highlighted by the multiple Agency Resource Groups (ARGs) that are available to all employees. The ARGs contribute to a positive and inclusive workplace where employees with different backgrounds, cultures and talents are respected and given the opportunity to succeed. The ARGs are critic al to the present and future effectiveness of the CIA through their support and advancement of diversity and inclusion.

For more detailed information on the CIA, or the benefits provided to our employees , to apply please visit: cia.govlcareers