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Federal Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) Writing


Our experienced SES Writers will work with you to develop comprehensive SES Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs).


The primary selection criteria for SES positions are executive qualifications with a strong focus on the ability to lead. Senior Executive Service positions are for visionaries and achievers seeking a rewarding and active role in the Federal government. Critical leadership traits are needed at these executive levels in along with technical skills and qualifications in order to succeed. One of the keys to the SES application process is the development of compelling Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs).

The ECQ subjects are :

– Leading Change
– Leading People
– Results Driven
– Business Acumen
– Building Coalitions/Communication

These ECQ statements are designed to highlight and identify active leaders and achievers. In the SES executive role you are expected to make things happen and get results compared to simply managing a process or overseeing a department.

Expert Resume Solutions ECQ Development Model:
– Challenge: Describe a specific problem or goal.
– Context: Talk about the individuals and groups with, and/or the environment in which you worked, to tackle the challenge described.
– Action: Describe the specific actions you took to address the challenge described.
– Result: Give specific examples of the results of your actions in addressing the challenge described. These accomplishments demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of your leadership skills.

In an already over-scheduled day, how many executives can find the 80 hours to commit to writing ECQ narrative statements that could be rejected by the Qualifications Review Board? Let Expert Resume Solutions write your ECQ narrative statements for you.

*$500 per ECQ


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