Expert Resume Solutions Partners with Transition Careers — Upcoming California Hiring Events – Jan 27, 28 & 30


California Hiring Event Series

27, 28 and 30 January 2015

Defense Tech & Intel Career Fairs

27 Jan – Edwards AFB – Lancaster, CA
28 Jan – Vandenberg AFB – Lompoc, CA
30 Jan – Los Angeles AFB – El Segundo, CA

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Hiring Event Series Details:

Tuesday, January 27
Edwards AFB – Lancaster, CA
On-Site Location
Club Muroc
275 Doolittle Parkway,
Bldg. 5600
Edwards AFB, CA 93523


Wednesday, January 28
Vandenberg AFB – Lompoc, CA
On-Site Location
Pacific Coast Club
758 Nebraska Avenue
Building # 11070
Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437


Friday, January 30
Los Angeles AFB – El Segundo, CA
On-Site Location
Gordon Conference Center
272 N. Douglas Street Bldg. #270
Los Angeles AFB, CA 90245



JOB SEEKERS (Military, Civilians & Contractors):

The career fair is only open to job seekers who already have access onto the military installation (Military ID or CAC Card). Transition Careers cannot sponsor or provide access for job seekers regardless of pre-registration.

Click on the “JOB SEEKER – REGISTRATION” button above. You can pre-register and create a Free, Highlighted & Anonymous Account On Our Job Board. All the employers we deal with nationwide can access our job board and it is networked with over 1000 other job boards.

Even if you can’t attend the event do the following two steps. 

  • Create your free job seeker account and post your resume on our job board.  All the employers we deal with nationwide can access our job board. Click on the “JOB SEEKER – REGISTRATION” button above
  • Email one copy of your resume (Microsoft Word format only) before the career fair takes place so we can share it with the employers at this event.


Invite your friends, family & colleagues who are experienced professionals.

Active Federal Security Clearance is preferred but not mandatory.

Military or business attire is strongly recommended when attending the event.

Admission is free to attend.


Experienced professionals with the following backgrounds and experience are invited.